Six Ways to Stick to Your Weight Loss Track on the HCG Diet

Losing weight is a better idea for a life’s resolution. It helps you overcome your insecurities and weight-related problems. Think about what you want in life when you have a fit and healthy body. Set a realistic weight loss goal to ensure you can stick around regardless of the challenges.

The HCG diet is straightforward and does not require hard work. You can lose weight without incorporating any exercise routine because the HCG will reset your metabolic rate. When the HCG starts to burn fats, it converts them into energy and maintains body function. There are no hunger issues when you administer the proper dosage of HCG injection and combine it with VLCD.

Tips to Stay on Track during the HCG Diet

  1. Set reachable goals. Avoid giving yourself a hard time or going too fast because the HCG diet is not a magic solution. Ensure that your goals and incremental and make it simple. An example of this is aiming to choose fruits than cookies or eating vegetables instead of chips. Reach your weight loss goal one step at a time to avoid overwhelming your body. It maintains your motivation to stick to the HCG diet.
  2. You can track your progress. You can use tracking apps to determine gains and losses. Most of the dieters are using a weighing scale to track their progress on the HCG diet. Step into the weighing scale as soon as you wake up. Record your progress in your journal. You can also track your food choices to identify some areas that you need to improve or overcome.
  3. Prepare your meal ahead. It is essential to have a thorough meal plan to maintain the 500 calorie diet during the HCG diet. Before starting the VLCD, ensure that you have a week’s worth of food supply in your pantry. It prevents you from wasting energy on constant grocery trips. Prepare your meal ahead to avoid prolonging your hunger or giving in to food temptations. It keeps you on track with your weight loss program.
  4. Get support from your surroundings. To maintain your motivational drive, ensure you have supportive people. Get your family to support your weight loss resolution for maximum weight loss. Your support system will help you overpower your cravings and unhealthy indulgences. You can also seek online support from HCG dieters to gain some tips and recommendations.
  5. Visit your doctor for a regular check-up. It is better to have a medically supervised diet when you have existing diseases or medication. Visit your dietician or doctor for further recommendations. It will also help you to stick on track and avoid pitfalls. Ensure that your medications do not interfere with the HCG diet or vice versa.
  6. Cook your meals at home. To establish a healthy eating discipline, prepare your meals at home. It will give you control over the ingredients and portion sizes of your meal. Cooking at home helps you stick to the 500 calories and avoid adding ingredients that cause weight gain. Ensure that you eat lean protein, vegetables, and fruits regularly. Stick to organic and freshly picked products to avoid chemicals and preservatives.
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