Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean you are depriving yourself. You don’t have to give up all foods to achieve smart eating habits. Eating smart means you give up the foods that became culprits of weight gain. When you eat unhealthy foods, you expect to gain weight. It is common during a binge-eating session on a birthday or other celebration. To avoid weight gain, you should learn some smart eating tips.

With some will, motivation, and discipline, you can develop smart eating habits during the HCG diet. In the end, you will have a blast on your weight loss. Know that the food you eat can have a major impact on your health. Smart food choices on the HCG diet can provide you energy to enjoy life. Eating smart reduces your risk for diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

Tips for smart eating during the HCG diet

Tip #1- Find substitute- It is referring to the ingredients of the foods, calories, and fats that you eat. Take note that the HCG diet does not allow fats, oils, and foods that have loads of calories. So, instead of loading one, you should find a substitute that cannot affect your weight loss. For example, is eating HCG-approved fruits instead of digging into a box of pizza or donuts. Minimize also your usage of salt or you can replace them with natural spices.

Tip #2-Avoid starving yourself- When you starve yourself you will end up eating too much on your next meal. Starvation is not a healthy idea to lose weight. It’s because your body will run out of fuel to use for functioning. Ensure that your stomach is full before going anywhere to avoid occurrences of cravings. Have some fruits in your bag so that you can eat them when you feel hungry. Before you go somewhere you also make sure that your stomach is not empty.

Tip #3- Choose diet-friendly foods- Check out the foods that you are about to purchase or eat. Ensure that it does not contain ingredients that can stop your progress on the HCG diet. Choose diet-friendly foods such as vegetables, fruits, and lean products. Do not eat foods that are deep-fried or foods that have an added sugar and additives.

The principles of HCG diet for smart eating

The HCG diet has two principles that can help you on eating smart. The first one is to maintain the 500 calorie intake which is spread between two main meals. The major meals on the HCG diet are your lunch and dinner. It is when you can have smart choices of foods to help you lose weight.

The second principle of the HCG diet is the daily shot of the diet hormone. You must continue your HCG shots every day until you finish the duration of Phase 2. You cannot do the VLCD without the HCG in your body. It is the HCG that causes appetite suppression and rapid weight loss. It only means that the smarter you eat, the more weight you can shed during the HCG diet.

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