Sports and Health Drinks are not Permissible on the HCG Diet.

Health drinks have misleading claims about their benefits on your overall health. These claims lead most people to patronize their products. But, the reality is they have a similar impact on other products. Most Americans are buying health and sports drinks as a substitute for unhealthy-labeled products. They do not have an idea of the number of calories and sugar.

The typical sports and health drinks that you should avoid during the HCG diet:

  • Diet soda
  • Energy drinks
  • Gatorade
  • Milk
  • Bottled tea
  • Sweetened coffee
  • Processed fruit juice

Sports and health drinks on the HCG diet drinks trigger other diseases and, they are also addictive. The high levels of sugar in sports and health drinks are dangerous fr your body. Most people cause weight due to a lack of idea on how much sugar and other harmful ingredients they get from a product.

Buying bottled coffee during a work run or mid-afternoon break is not permissible. It contains loads of sugar and, they are not Natural products. When you are on the HCG diet, keep your choices low in calories. Drinking a bottle of sweetened coffee or other beverages can add up to 150 calories to your diet. It is not permissible on the HCG diet as it ruins your weight loss.

Health Drinks has Loads of Sugar and Calories.

Sugar and calories are not permissible during the HCG diet. They interfere with the mechanism of the HCG in burning fats. Avoid buying flavored water or fruit juices that are claiming to have low-calorie content. Keep your calorie intake low during the second phase of the HCG diet. Sugary beverages can stimulate your appetite and increase your cravings for unhealthy food choices.

Drinks that are permissible on the HCG Diet

  1. You can have unsweetened tea during the HCG diet. You can also use stevia if you are uncomfortable with unsweetened drinks. Tea has antioxidants that help in burning excess calories. Tea also boosts your brain and alleviates stress. Tea also prevents diseases and other weight loss issues.
  2. It increases fat burning during the HCG diet. It also contains nutrients that improve digestion and metabolism. Drinking a cup or two can improve your energy without adding calories. It assists the HCG in promoting weight loss. Nonetheless, avoid adding sugar because it can cause weight gain.
  3. It is an unlimited drink that you can have during the HCG diet. Water improves hydration and detoxification. It improves your satiety without adding calories to your diet. Ensure to drink at least 2 liters of water per day during the second phase of the HCG diet. You can also make some soup to promote fullness and provides nutrients to your body.
  4. Freshly-squeezed fruit juice. You can have lemon and stevia to have a sweet treat. Lemon has loads of vitamin C that boost your immune system and improve your satiety. It also helps in burning excess calories during the HCG diet.

The HCG diet program requires you to avoid alcoholic beverages and drinks that contain loads of sugar. Sports and health drinks can alleviate your thirst. But, it does not give any significance to reaching your weight loss goal.

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