Belly fats are the main thing why you feel uncomfortable. It degrades your physical confidence and your health. Belly fats are harmful because they can cause cardiovascular diseases and even high blood pressure. It does not just put your health at risk but also rapidly adds up your weight. Stop all your unhealthy habits that cause the rapid storing of fats in your body. You have to prepare yourself physically and mentally before stepping into the HCG diet.

The rapid storing of fats in your body can cause obesity. This is a disease that has been affecting people because of weight gain. Obesity is dangerous not just for your weight but also for your health. It can trigger life-threatening diseases. Rapid storing of fats is hard to end especially if you get used to your unhealthy weight. You have to end up the rapid storing of fats in your body to live longer. The unhealthy fats are the one that is holding you back from enjoying a disease-free life.

The HCG diet encourages you to end your unhealthy habits such as overeating. Limit everything especially those foods that bring risk to your health. You have to change your point of view towards foods and even your style of eating. Limit the foods that exceed and stop everything that goes beyond the border of being healthy. Stopping unhealthy habits will give you a greater chance to lose weight fast.

Healthy habits mean starting a new lifestyle. This is having a proper and balanced meal. You can also accompany exercise even if you are doing the HCG diet. Exercising is one way of teaching your body to stay active. However, some exercises are not allowed during the HCG diet. You are not allowed to do hard exercises such as weightlifting and heavy workouts. This is because these exercises do not help with weight loss. It will just trigger the stress hormones that stop you from losing weight and may add your weight naturally.

Heavy exercises are not applicable in the HCG diet, especially during your VLCD. It does not help you in losing weight or burning your belly fats. However, you can do light exercise to aid your body during the HCG diet. Light and physical activities can also help you extra calories. This is a type of exercise that does not make you break too much sweat. Light exercise helps maintain your bone and muscle health. It will also aid the HCG in burning your belly fats.

How to successfully lose belly fats on the HCG diet?

  • Avoid the intake of calories

Calories cause weight gain. You have to stay away from solid and liquid calories. These are the calories you can get from unhealthy food choices. The liquid comes in many forms such as beverages. These calories can store unhealthy fats in your body rapidly. You are only allowed to have 500 calories per day. This is not to deprive you but it will help you embrace a new lifestyle. The massive intake of unhealthy foods and liquid calories stores stubborn fats in the hard to reach areas of your body.

  • Load more on protein

Belly fats will be burned by increasing your intake of protein. Protein will keep you full longer and prevents you from loading more foods. It can also work in several ways during your weight loss. It helps in maintaining your bone and muscle health. Protein helps in repairing your tissues and lowers your chance of getting hungry for the entire day. It also lowers your intake of calories and even unhealthy fats. Opt to have lean meat, fruits and vegetable food items that are rich in proteins.

  • Get more fiber in your diet

Fiber can be found mostly in vegetables and fruits. It will work for hand in hand to lose your belly fats. Fiber can also help in digestion and makes fat to be burned easier. Fiber-rich foods also help in the proper flow of nutrients in various parts of your body. It will make you stay full longer and curbs your hunger and cravings.

  • Maintain your HCG shot

The HCG will burn your belly fats fast and maintains your muscle health. It is also responsible for the resetting of your metabolic rate for faster weight loss. The HCG will target the hard to reach areas of your body and takes off unhealthy fats. It resets metabolism and uses your body fats as the source of energy instead of getting it from foods. The HCG also curbs cravings and prevent hunger pains. You have to administer your diet injection at the same time each day for faster weight loss. Avoid missing an HCG dose because it will cause a delay in rapid fat burning.

How do light exercises help during your HCG diet?

  • Lowers stress and anxiety- Exercise lowers the stress hormones that cause you to constantly gain weight. It can improve your focus and mental health. This will help you focus more and be mindful on your diet. You can also learn to cope with your mood and feelings. One example of healthy light exercise is yoga that incorporates your weight loss. Make sure to have enough energy to do light exercises to avoid tiredness.
  • It lowers the risk of depression- Being physically active helps you boost your mood and brain. Exercises can help you renew your mood and stave off high levels of stress. Stress and pressure can trigger the high risk of emotional stress which leads to depression. You can do at least 10 to 15 minutes of light activities every morning. You can also do this 3 to 4 times per week.
  • It helps in burning extra calories- Extra calories are burned through the HCG diet. However, light activities or exercises as well are helpful. This is because light exercise can burn your extra calories through sweating. Light exercises burned extra calories from the foods you eat. This is also helpful in breaking a weight-loss stall. This is one way of boosting your body and alertness as well as strength.
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