To lose weight you have to successfully load on healthy foods. Your body must burn more calories than what you have consumed. This is known as food portion control. You cannot lose weight if you continue to eat too much food. Food portioning does not mean that you will load on tiny portions of food. This only means to balance your intake of foods to be able to balance nutrients.

Food portioning is important to control your intake of calories. It helps in reaching your weight loss goal. Thus, keeps you on your diet track until you finish your diet. The proper control of the food portion also helps in the successful cut down of calories. Food portioning is one of the most important things you must not forget on the HCG diet.

Never let big food portions bring what is best in you. It is because you can do better than that. Your success in weight loss does not depend on the portion of the foods. It depends on the kind of nutrient your body can get from each food choice. Do not go out of control in food portioning. You are also not allowed to dine out because you might purchase too much food. For better food portions you have to prepare your meal and snacks at home.

The importance of food portioning during the HCG diet

Food portioning plays a big role in whether on weight loss or not. This is because it allows you to meet all the nutrients needed by your body. Eating proper share helps in eating the right foods. It allows you to have a tight track of how many calories you would have. This is very important during the very low-calorie diet. It keeps you out from mindless indulgence of unhealthy foods.

Tips on food portioning during the HCG diet

  • Determine the caloric needs during the HCG diet

The cut down of your intake of calories happens during the P2 of the HCG diet. You must know and develop some techniques in controlling your food intake. Do not load too much on calorie-loaded foods. Knowing the caloric requirements will help you with the intake of foods. You are required to eat organic foods or whole foods during the VLCD. You have to eat the exact amount of calories during the HCG diet. Do not go more or less than the 500 calorie requirements that are allowed on the HCG diet. Controlling your intake of calories keeps you from gaining weight.

  • Use some portion control dishes

You can have a set of dishes that helps you in controlling your food portion. Purchase portion control kitchen wares. This will helps you limit your intake of foods. Buy small plates, spoons, and even things for cooking. These are designed to help you with your HCG diet meal. You also have to provide a food scale to help in food portioning. You can use small dining plates to have a smaller amount of food. Small plates can help in dealing with your food indulgences. It helps your food intake be more substantial.

  • Do not forget to measure your food

This is important to support your weight loss. Weighing your foods will help in tracking your intake of calories. This also helps in tracking down your food intake. The food scale is needed to portion your meat intake. It also helps you make sure that you get an exact portion of food.

  • Gradual loading of foods and read food labels

Gradual loading helps your body adjust to a new eating pattern on the HCG diet. It helps your body in adjusting in the first few days of VLCD. Loading food slowly keeps you out of emotional food cravings. It gives your body time to adjust and adapt to new caloric intake. Reading food labels will prevent you from loading unhealthy foods. Read each food labels before purchasing or before cooking. This is to keep you out of the effect of harmful food ingredients.

  • Be mindful in eating

You can also track your progress by being mindful of eating. Pay attention to the foods you eat during mealtime. Stop everything that you are doing when you will eat. Mindfulness is an act of being accountable for everything. This is because there is one to be blamed when you do too much on your diet but you alone. You will be facing consequences when you fail to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness helps you determine fullness. It also detects the kind of hunger you are feeling.

More tips in portioning foods during the HCG diet

  • Drink water before you eat- water will make you eat lesser foods because it promotes fullness. This is a guilt-free tip that keeps you out of dehydration. Water as well helps in taking off food toxins and other chemicals from your body. This is also helpful in the proper distribution of nutrients in various parts of your body. It can also curb hunger and ends hunger pain.
  • Add more filling vegetables- Filling vegetables are the choices that are rich in fiber. Choose the green leafy vegetable because it has low calorie. The high level of fiber is filling and it helps in digestion and metabolism. It keeps your stomach full longer. You can bulk your HCG meal with a vegetable that has low calories. It fights against free radicals and helps you reach your weight loss goal.
  • Take off carbs in your diet- Carbs and sugar have the same effect on your weight loss. Carbs can cause weight gain. It is one of the contributors to obesity. Eating carbs will boost your appetite and makes you eat too much. Stay away from all kinds of carbs when you are doing the HCG diet. Do not eat rice, pasta, bread, and even oatmeal. Eating carbs will delay your weight loss.
  • Avoid using appetite-boosting ingredients or condiments– Stevia is the only allowed ingredients you can have. This is good for food flavoring or to sweeten your cup of tea or coffee. Do not add unhealthy ingredients such as artificial food flavorings, food preservatives, etc.
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