Sugars are one contributor to weight gain. Sugars are found in various kinds of food. These are even found in fruits and other veggies. It comes in a different form but has the same impact on the body. This is used as ingredients of soft drinks, alcohol, milk, and other drinks. There are also drinks that are marketed as sugar-free but have hidden content on them. However, there are also safe drinks that have natural sweeteners. These are said to be safe in the diet. Artificial sweeteners are a natural substitute instead of using table sugar. This is mostly used in the diet. It is taken from naturally occurring substances.

What are artificial sweeteners?

These are synthetic sugar substitutes. They are derived from substances that occur naturally. The common source is the herb. These are intense sweeteners because they used to be sweeter than sugar. It is safe for the diet because they have no calories. The common artificial sweetener in the HCG diet is stevia. Stevia is the number one option for diet sweeteners. This has been studied by healthcare professionals. Stevia is generally safe for the diet.

What can it do for the diet?

The artificial sweetener in the HCG diet is helpful in weight control. It has no calories and it is sweeter. It does not have a long effect on weight loss. However, it is effective in taking away the calories. It prevents the body from storing fats that are caused by sugar. It is not carbohydrates. This is why it is safe for diabetics. It does not raise blood sugar at all.  HCG diet allows natural sweeteners for your body to shift into normal habits. This will stop you from using the table sugar. The more you have table sugar, the fatter you will store up. It causes stubborn fats to grow in the body.  It makes you find it hard to lose weight. The natural sweeteners are healthy. The vitamins and minerals are different than other sugar.

Sugars do affect health. It causes the risk of diseases that can grow severely. The number one effect of sugar is weight gain. It only gives poor nutrition as it increases the level of bad cholesterol. Even natural sweetener can cause tooth decay if it has taken too much. It is important to have sugar in moderation. After the HCG diet, you are allowed to have a fixed amount of sugar. In the diet duration, sugars are totally banned.

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