The superfoods that are allowed on the HCG diet are chosen to help in faster weight loss. Superfoods aid the HCG in reaching your weight loss goal. Choose to eat foods that are filling and are low in calories. The foods must help in suppressing your hunger and controlling your appetite. HCG diet also requires you to load more on fiber and healthy protein choices. The superfoods for the HCG diet can be found on your HCG food list. You have to load them gradually and make sure to stay on the 500 calorie intake on your VLCD.

Superfoods that helps for faster weight loss on the HCG diet

  • Avocado- This is an excellent source of various vitamins and minerals. Avocados are an excellent source of healthy fats in your diet. The high fat of avocados is filling and it is very easy to prepare. You can have avocado during your loading phase and after your VLCD. This will help you prepare your fat stores before starting the VLCD. It is also healthy for your cardiovascular health.
  • Spinach-It is loaded with nutrients and fight against several diseases. Spinach is commonly prepared as a side dish or salad.  Spinach has low calories and is very rich in fiber. You can have spinach during the very low-calorie diet. It can also help in strengthening your bones and fights against various form of cancer. Spinach also controls your blood sugar and pressure levels.
  • Broccoli- This is rich in vitamin K, C and it is also rich in folic acid. This helps in forming tissue and bone that helps in healing inflammation and wounds. It can also stop the free radicals from damaging your body tissues. The high fiber content helps in keeping you full throughout the day. These are also low in calories which are helpful during your HCG diet. Broccoli has also a high level of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Lean beef and chicken meat- The high level of protein in these meat choices are helpful in weight loss. It keeps you full during your HCG diet. Lean meat also helps in controlling hunger and cravings. Lean meats are used as a replacement for carbs and fats during the HCG diet. Make sure to weigh your meat choices before cooking it. Take off all the visible fats on your lean meat to make sure you will not sabotage your weight loss. Lean meat can also help the HCG in shedding more stubborn fats in your body.
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