Calories are taken from various kinds of drinks and beverages. That is why the HCG diet only allows water, tea, and coffee. This is to make sure that you will not load on liquid calories. Drinks and beverages other than tea and coffee may sabotage your HCG diet.

Coffee and its benefit during the HCG diet

The caffeine in your coffee can stimulate your nervous system. It sends a message to the fats cells that promote fat breakdown. Caffeine raises your adrenaline that triggers a full-fat breakdown on HCG. Coffee allows fat release from your fat tissues. It also helps in setting the metabolism for faster weight loss on your HCG diet. It will also suppress your appetite which is very helpful during your calorie cut down.

However, coffee alone will not help you loss. That is why you need the HCG to work in fat burning. The caffeine will just support your HCG diet so that your weight loss will be constant. Your diet hormone will target the stubborn fats in the hard to reach areas of your body.

The benefits of tea during the HCG diet

Tea can help you during your weight loss. You can serve your tea in hot or cold water. It is loaded with various health benefits. It has the ability to boost your metabolism and keeps your body hydrated during the fat burning. Tea can also aid in dealing with hunger because it settles your stomach. It is also helpful in keeping your heart healthy and prevents you from having diabetes.

All types of tea are allowed during your HCG diet. However, you have to make sure that it is free from sugar. If you want your tea to taste sweet, you can use stevia as a sweetener. Tea can also help the water in transporting your burned fats out of your body.

Coffee and tea keep your body hydrated during the rapid fat burning. These are also less in calories that is why these are allowed from phase 1 to the last phase of your HCG diet. Tea or coffee will be your breakfast choice during your VLCD. Flavored or sweetened coffee and tea are not allowed during your diet. It is because flavoring and other ingredients will delay the work of HCG in your weight loss. Make sure to purchase sugar-free products. Check each package label before you will purchase it. You must be careful with sugar because it comes in various forms.  

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