Why does the HCG diet does not allow diet drinks? Is there a restriction of fluid intake during the diet? The common drinks that are allowed on the HCG diet are coffee and tea. These two are recommended aside from water. Every drink on the HCG diet must be plain. You can have plain black coffee, green tea or black tea. Is this boring? No, not at all! This is vital. Discipline in food intake includes discipline in drinking. Stay away from the calorie dense drinks that will load up more fats in your body.

Having tea or coffee on the HCG diet must be SIMPLE. There will be no added sweetener or other ingredients. You can only have stevia as the natural sweetener. Avoid mixtures and unhealthy drinks especially on the VLCD. Keep your diet on track by being mindful in everything that you load on.

Why Tea and Coffee?

You might wonder why HCG allows tea and coffee. This is because they are very low in calorie. This will keep you full before or after eating a meal. Thus, lower the possibility of overeating. Aside from water, these are also a great aid to control cravings. Cravings are too difficult to deal and ignoring it is the hardest. To avoid the wrong intake of food, go and grab a cup of tea or coffee. See to it that is sugar-free. Be careful on the sugar-free labeled drinks in the grocery.

These products are puzzling. They may not contain the actual sugar or sweet taste but it has chemicals added. It has another form of not-allowed seasonings such as sucrose. Tea has several benefits that are shown in weight loss. It can prevent various illnesses such as cancer. Tea has an antimicrobial property. Dr. Simeons allows all type of tea in the HCG diet. Just see to it that is sugar-free.

The allowed drinks for the HCG diet

  • 2% milk for the whole day
  • One whole lemon juice
  • Carbonated/sparkling water with stevia

These are just an example of the HCG diet drink treat. For more lists, you can refer to the HCG diet food list. For the entire Phases of the HCG diet, you can have lemon juice. One whole lemon can be consumed in 24 hours. You can also add lemon as a food enhancer or flavoring. Lemon has this special effect on the body. It has several health benefits. It supports weight loss and the work of HCG hormones in the body. This can be also an alternative to unhealthy food dressings.

Most of all, the most important fluid is water. It keeps everything clean and healthy. Water promotes cleansing and proper function in and out of the body. This is a very helpful aid in pushing toxins out of the body.

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