The Average Weight Loss on the HCG Diet Protocol

The HCG diet protocol is a combination of the very low-calorie diet and HCG shots. It can lead to rapid weight loss due to the straightforward act of the hormones in the body. The HCG can also modify your relationship with food. It results in healthy eating habits and maintaining a long-term weight loss.

The HCG Diet protocol requires 125ius of HCG per day. Follow the restrictions that include personal care and cosmetic products to ensure maximum weight loss. For the coming weeks of the HCG diet, avoid sugar, fats, carbs, and other unhealthy foods. Ensure that you are following a medically supervised diet to prevent health problems.

What is the Average Weight Loss on the HCG Diet?

The average weight loss on the HCG diet is 1 to 2 pounds per day during the first week or so. This weight loss rate is achievable by sticking to the protocol and avoiding pitfalls. After a week or two on the VLCD, your progress will start to slow down. It is because you are approaching your weight loss goal. Men often lose up to a pound per day and, women can lose up to ½ pounds. In a month, you can lose up to 30 pounds when you stick to the protocol.

Is it Healthy to Lose up to Two Pounds Per Day?

The HCG diet is a safe and straightforward protocol that does not compromise your health. Losing two pounds per day is healthy as long as the HCG is active in your system. The HCG works straight t in your adipose fat tissue and leaves your muscle mass. Unlike other regimens, the HCG diet does not cause muscle mass loss. Weight loss comes from the rapid burning of fats than pulling out your muscle tissue. When your body releases the burned fats, the HCG converts them into fuel.

Will you be Hungry on the 500 Calorie Plan of the HCG Diet?

Hunger is typical during the first few days of the VLCD. Nonetheless, it will just go when the HCG spreads in your system. Likewise, avoid skipping meals to prevent hunger and overeating during the VLCD. The HCG will reset your metabolic rate to burn the excess calories in your system.

Here are some tips to avoid hunger on the VLCD:

  • Load more on lean protein to maintain your satiety and boost your metabolic rate.
  • Load more on fiber-rich foods to prevent constipation and occurrences of hunger. Fiber is an excellent aid to maintain your satiety during the HCG diet.
  • Avoid trigger foods or processed products that stimulate your appetite. Eating processed products increases your risk of hunger.
  • Administer the HCG every day to suppress your appetite and prevent hunger.
  • Talk to your doctor if the regular dose is not working for you. You can change the dosing but, do it with medical supervision to avoid issues.
  • Avoid sugary food and drinks because they increase fat deposition and triggers hunger.
  • Stick to a whole and organic food choices to manage your appetite during the VLCD.



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