The Basic Tips for the HCG Diet

Sugar, sweeteners, and carbs. Regardless of the amount and form, they are not permissible on the HCG diet. If you are doing the HCG diet, ensure to avoid the things that can cause weight gain. Practice mindfulness on your food portion sizes and your daily habits. Your daily habits determine how the body burns excess fats and maintains your overall health.

The HCG diet is a weight loss plan that involves the combination approach of VLCD and HCG injections.  The HCG communicates with the hypothalamus to release fat reserves and increase your metabolic rate. It results in appetite suppression and converts the burned fats into energy. Keep your calorie intake low on the second-phase HCG diet to avoid weight gain.

The basics of the HCG diet is sticking to the protocol of each phase to ensure weight loss. The protocol includes daily HCG shots and maintaining low-calorie foods throughout the program. Phase 2 is known as the heart of the HCG diet. It assists you in adopting the new routines of the weight loss program. It curbs hunger and increases your weight loss.

What are The Basic Tips on the HCG diet?

Maintain your satiety

  • If you are going on grocery shopping, make sure that your stomach is full. It is because cravings and hunger often come when you are in the surroundings of foods.
  • Avoid prolonging your hunger during the HCG diet because it leads to overeating at the next mealtime.
  • Make a list of your food choices before going to the grocery store to avoid buying unhealthy products. Ensure that you are not hungry or tired to prevent buying unhealthy treats.

Follow a healthy routine.

  • Come up with your HCG diet routine to help you stay on track. The goal of your diet routine is to stop the body from often hunger pangs.
  • Consider healthy food choices and ensure to maintain your weight loss and overall health. Refer to the HCG diet food list for more options. It will prevent you from getting bored of having a similar recipe every day.
  • Choose fruits and vegetables as a substitute for your unhealthy snack. Grab a whole fruit when you are hungry in between meals. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber and nutrients that maintain your overall health.

Keep off hunger by proper snacking.

  • Hunger comes unexpectedly and may push you to give in to food temptations. Snacks can help you stay mentally and physically stable.
  • The proper snacking on the HCG diet phase 2 is in a controlled portion. A Melba toast is allowed as well as breadsticks and fruits.
  • Once you snack on a particular item, do not include it in your next meal serving.

Hydration can help you in curbing hunger.

  • Maintain your hydration to boost fullness and curb your hunger.
  • Note that some cravings are due to dehydration and, you can counter them by drinking at least 2 liters of water per day.
  • You can drink tea, water, or coffee that is sugar-free. You can have as much coffee and tea throughout the day.

Hydration is essential t to keep the skin healthy and promote the distribution of nutrients around the body

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