HCG is for those who want rapid weight loss. Make sure to know all the guidelines. This will help you avoid mistakes in the diet. It is also important to have a regular check-up. Follow every instruction in each phase.  One slip and you will fail. It is important to make sure of every step in the diet. Maintain the caloric restrictions in the diet. HCG is a thorough plan. It reset the metabolism while it burns fat.

The top mistakes to be avoided when you’re on the HCG Diet

  • Failure to measure the meal- This will make you eat an excessive amount of food. The purpose of the food scale is to monitor each meal. This is very important in VLCD. Be aware of each food that you are eating. Make sure to stick to the HCG-approved meals.
  • Failure to drink enough water- Water is vital in the HCG diet. It aids in keeping your body healthy. Water detoxifies the body. When your body retains water it may show up a jump on the scales. The water helps in flushing out the toxins and fats. It carries away the fats that are burned by the HCG hormones. Without water, the liver will find it hard to do its job. The lack of water will slow down the weight loss and leads to constipation.
  • Doing Hard Exercise- Another diet program requires more exercise. However, HCG does not require exercise. This will not help you lose weight. Doing exercise while dieting will make you eat even more. It is because it will lead you to starvation mode. Work out often leads your body to get tired, hungry, and weak.
  • Lack of discipline- HCG diet involves discipline. This will help you stay away from unhealthy foods. Lack of discipline makes you gain weight.
  • Forgetting the reason- Focus on why you are doing the diet. Why do you want to lose weight? Your reasons will help you go forward. This will help you finish the diet duration.
  • Skipping meals- Skipping meals is not healthy. It will make you eat more on the next meal. Skipping a meal will also lead to starvation mode. It affects your balance and will hold on to your fat stores. It will result in nutritional deficiencies. Skipping meals on the HCG diet is not allowed. It is important to feed nourishing food especially in Phase 2.

Failure to complete the HCG injection – Stopping the HCG injection has a big impact on the body. The brain needs 23 days to reset. If you stop too soon it will affect your metabolism. All the work will be sabotaged if you stop too soon. Complete each phase to get the desired success.

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