The HCG diet has been successful for many years. It has been helping overweight and obese people to lose weight safely. This is accompanied by the diet protocol that serves as your guide for the entire diet. You have to be careful with the things you do during the HCG diet. This is because weight loss does not just depend on the food you eat. It is also about the habits that you usually do. Take note that the HCG diet is a time to transition from unhealthy habits to better ones.

Experts say that forbidding foods will harm your health. However, the VLCD during the HCG diet restricts your food intake. Is it dangerous? The answer is not. First of all the HCG diet does not forbid you from eating foods. It just forbids you from the harmful foods. These foods are known as highly processed foods. Forbidding is different from control. HCG diet controls your way of eating as well as your food choices.

You cannot just eat foods anytime you want and whatever you want. Why, because not all the foods that you will be eating are HCG diet-friendly. Some of the foods lead you to binge eating and some of it affects your weight loss. That is why the HCG has provided a complete list of the foods you can eat during the HCG diet. The food list is where the amount and kind of food that is allowed in each diet phase.

It is very important to avoid mistakes during the HCG diet. This is because one slip affects your weight loss process. The mistake on the HCG diet can be corrected however you are not allowed to do it again and again. The common effect of diet mistakes is weight gain. This can be corrected through the HCG diet correction days prepared by the diet protocol. The common correction days on the HCG diet are apple day and steak day.

The phases of the HCG diet

  • Phase 1 or the loading phase

The purpose of this phase is to prepare you fat stores for VLCD. You have to focus on loading high-fat foods during this phase. The loading days usually happen for 2 days straight. This is also the onset of administering the HCG shots.

  • Phase 2 or the very low-calorie diet

This is the onset of the 500 calorie intake daily. You have to embrace new food choices during this phase. Be careful in loading and make sure to track your food intake. Administer your HCG shot at the same time each day for greater weight loss results.

  • Phase 3 or the stabilization phase

This is not anymore about aiming to lose weight. Phase 3 is stabilizing the weight loss that you have accomplished. You also have to introduce more food choices to expect from sugar and starch.

What are the mistakes that you must avoid during the HCG diet?

#1- Not sticking to the diet protocol

The protocol of the HCG diet has been successful for years. You have to stick to the diet protocol until you reach your weight loss goal. The diet protocol is simple to understand and only requires your dedication. The major reminder in the diet protocol is to stay away from food that has sugar and starch. You also have to follow the required daily calorie intake. There are also certain factors such as avoiding oil-based cosmetics and lotions and avoid food seasonings. Take time to get familiar with the protocol. Follow the diet protocol as closely as possible to reach your weight loss goal on time.

#2- Your fail to observe proper food portion

All food portions that are outlined in the HCG diet are carefully chosen. This is to make sure that you are not going to eat too many calories during the HCG diet. Provide a food scale to help you with food portioning. Use the food scale to measure each food sizes to control your intake of calories. Weighing of foods is important especially during the HCG diet. You have to weigh the food choices especially the meat. Make sure to take off the visible fats of the meat before cooking.

#3- Extreme exercises

Exercising is easy especially in an exercise-driven society. However, extreme exercise is not allowed when you are trying to lose weight. You cannot do extreme exercises during the HCG diet. This is because it might lead you to consume too many calories than what is allowed. Heavy exercises will force your body to crave and eat unhealthy foods. It is because it causes tiredness and energy loss. It may also increase your stress levels. You are only allowed to have at least 10 to 15 minutes of light exercise during the HCG diet. Make sure that you are not tired or hungry when you exercise. Extreme exercise can also cause high-stress levels. It can lead you to gain weight naturally.

#4- Wrong food choices

Vegetables and fruits are the common food choices allowed during the HCG diet. Choose organic or fresh products in the market. This is because canned vegetables or dried fruits are not allowed. Canned vegetables and dried fruits have added harmful chemicals and preservatives. It may stop you from losing weight. You also have to avoid the foods that are highly processed as well as liquid calories. Wrong food choices are the main cause of why you gain weight. It is also the cause of why you experience life-threatening diseases.

#5- Calorie-loaded beverages

The beverages that are allowed on the HCG diet are limited. You are only allowed to drink water, unsweetened tea and coffee. You can enjoy sweetened tea or coffee through the help of stevia. Stay away from calorie-loaded beverages because it can cause weight gain. It may also affect the work of HCG in your body. Do not indulge in beverages such as soda, fruit juices, alcohol, and wine and even diet drinks. This is because of the added sugar and the high-calorie level. Your body cannot detect liquid calories as how it determines the calories from unhealthy food choices.

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