The HCG diet can improve your weight loss and prevents health problems. HCG diet changes your style of living. This is a healthy weight loss aid that helps obese patients in losing weight. It is a weight loss process that does not require you to undergo a weight loss surgery or take a harmful weight loss pill. HCG diet is all-natural and has proven effective to dieters.

HCG burns calories without doing any hard exercise. The excess calorie is stored by your body and becomes fat. In obesity, the quality of life will trim down. HCG diet will teach you to embrace healthy foods. This will boost your health and body. To control obesity on the HCG diet you have to follow a diet plan. Eat your HCG meal regularly and limit your snack. Be wise to choose healthy food that promotes good health. Monitor your weight every day.

However, there are still cases that no matter how fully committed you are to lose weight, you will still fail. One of these cases is when you give in to food temptation or when you cheat. Cheating happens when you are surrounded by unhealthy food choices or when you fail to control your cravings. Cheating may cause weight gain or weight stall. This is strictly discouraged during the HCG diet. However, if it happens you can still do something about it right away.

The things you can do when cheating comes during the HCG diet

  • Follow the diet protocol– The protocol of the HCG diet is your guide to success. Follow each step to be able to get through or prevent cheating. Cheating has various ways to correct through the protocol of the HCG diet.
  • Watch movies or stroll around– Watch movies or stroll around your place. Mingle with other people or watch movies that will catch your attention. This is just a simple way to shift your attention from food temptation to something beneficial.
  • Organize things- You can also counter-attack cheating by making yourself busy. Create a new design or arrange things up. Organize your closet, bed, or cabinet. Do this for hours without realizing how much time had passed. Do this every day and make your house cleaner and well organized.
  • Regain your focus- Panicking cannot help to go back on the diet track. You must think of a better solution to prevent weight gain. Think of the possible ways and do not just stay where you fail. Remind yourself of your motivation for why you want to lose weight.
  • Split your 500 calorie meal- Come up with 5 different meals with 100 calories each. This is an effective technique to stay full all the time. Drink tea or coffee to help you stay full longer. Do not worry about hunger pains because the HCG works in curbing your hunger. You will feel less hunger if you continue doing this meal portioning technique.
  • Drink tea or coffee- Tea and coffee help in hydrating your body. Make sure that it is free from sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. It lowers high stress levels. It can also trigger cravings and emotional eating. Tea and coffee are allowed entirely in your weight loss journey.
  • Maintain the HCG shot- the HCG burns stubborn fats, curbs hunger, and resets your metabolic rate. Administer the HCG shot at the same time each day to avoid weight loss delay. You have to maintain it for greater weight loss. This is also for you to avoid cheating.

Below is the proper way to administer the HCG shot.

  • Wash your hands and dry it before holding your HCG kit
  • Locate and clean the area in your body where you will do the shot. You can use alcohol wipes and cotton for this.
  • Load your syringe with HCG and see to it that the hormone is not contaminated. You must also see that you have the exact dose before injecting it.
  • Pinch the fat tissue in the part of your body where you want to inject the hormone.
  • Inject the small needle while you pinch the fatty part of your skin.
  • Inject it in 90 to 45-degree angle and push the plunger slowly
  • Remove it slowly after the diet hormone is released to your fat tissue
  • Wipe the area or part of your body where you do the injection.
  • Have a record of your daily shot
  • Do not forget to clean that area of your body after administering the hormone
  • Throw the needles and empty bottles in a safe place
  • Keep the HCG kit away from the reach of children

The foods you can eat to get back on your diet track after cheating

  • Lean meat

The high levels of protein are found in lean meat choices. Lean meat is meat choices that do not have any fats. These are important part needed for weight loss. It protects your muscle and bones as the HCG burn your body fats. This is also responsible for the growth of your body tissue and fights against diseases.

  • Vegetables and fruits

These are naturally rich in fiber that helps in various biological activities of your body during weight loss. Vegetable and fruits as well as supply the exact nutrients needed for weight loss. The food choices during your HCG diet provide antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Spinach and Broccoli

These vegetables both have low calories and it well fitted during VLCD. Spinach has disease-fighting properties that fight against cancer. These vegetables are also helpful in boosting your weight loss. It keeps you full all day which curbs that possible attack of cravings that will lead to cheating. Take note that you are not allowed to mix vegetables in one serving. This is to make sure that you successfully portion your food choices.

  • Foods that have healthy fats

These are needed during the loading phase. Healthy fat foods play a big role in preparing your body for fat burning. It prevents high stress levels and keeps you away from cheating or it also counters the effect of food cheating. Healthy fats are commonly found in poultry, white fish, and cheese. Healthy fats help in boosting your brain cells. Healthy fats also maintain proper heart health and body functions.

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