The second phase of the HCG diet restricts food intake. You are only allowed to eat the foods that are on the food list. The second phase is the time that you will cut your intake of calories. You are not allowed to have foods that have sugar and carbs as well. It is because it can sabotage your weight loss. The high intake of unhealthy food choices does not just affect your weight loss but also your health. It triggers diseases and will put your health in danger.

The cutting down of your calorie intake during the VLCD is not to deprive you of foods. This is done for you to adopt new habits. Starting the P2 will make your body transition from an unhealthy lifestyle. You can create new habits that will help you reach your weight loss goals. During the P2 of the HCG diet, you will start to adopt new food choices and practice food portioning. This is according to the diet protocol on loading foods.

Is VLCD safe for your body?

Generally, VLCD is hard to do especially when you do it alone. However, if it is done along with the HCG it is completely safe. The HCG is responsible for controlling your metabolic rate. This leads to rapid fat burning without hitting the gym or undergoing weight loss surgery. The burned fats will be converted to energy that will fuel your body for the entire day. This means that you do not need to eat high-calorie foods to maintain the energy of your body. Remember that the daily intake of 500 calories is only allowed along with the HCG.

Can you stop using the HCG during the VLCD?

Stopping your daily HCG shot can sabotage your weight loss. It will also your metabolic rate and fat burning. However, if you have menstruation amid the VLCD you can take a break for the meantime. You can stop your HCG shot but your need to continue your diet. Get back on your HCG shot as soon as your period is gone. The purpose of taking a break of your HCG shot is to avoid further issues with your hormones.

Does VLCD of the HCG diet cause nutrient deficiency?

Doing the VLCD without HCG can cause major problems. But if you are doing it along with HCG it does not cause any problems. The 500 calorie intake during the HCG diet does not lead you to a nutrient shortage. Your daily calorie intake during the HCG diet supplies the daily nutritional requirements of your body. It supplies the needed nutrients to lose weight. This is through the help of the healthy foods that you will be eating during the VLCD.

The benefits of VLCD in your body during the HCG diet

The very low-calorie diets bring a lot of benefits in your body not just in weight loss. It also helps in detoxification and cleansing your body from chemically processed foods. It cleans not just your fats stores but also your blood from high cholesterol levels. It also controls the synthesis of glucose in your blood. The remaining glucose in your fat stores will be used by HCG as an energy source. It also promotes proper nutrition even if you are just eating low calorie per day. It does not compromise your health and does not touch even a single muscle mass.

The foods that are not allowed during the P2 of the HCG diet

  • Fried foods- the level of calories of the food increases when it is fried. It causes rapid weight gain and drastic storing of fats in all parts of your body. Oil and other greasy foods are not allowed as soon as you start the VLCD. This is because it can trigger hunger to occur very often.
  • Sugar and sugary drinks- beverages that undergo process are prohibited during this phase. This is because of the high level of sugar and other ingredients that can cause weight gain. These calories are known as liquid calories that cause weight-related diseases. The sugary drinks do not register to your brain. This leads to having too much sugar without knowing that you have loaded too much liquid calories.
  • White bread and candy bars- Candy and white bread are extremely unhealthy for your weight loss. It is because of sugar, food color, flavorings, and other unhealthy ingredients. If you have sweet tooth cravings you can have fruits instead or drink more water to avoid cravings.
  • Dried fruits and canned vegetables- Although fruits and vegetables are healthy its nutritional value degrades once it undergoes the process. Do not purchase to eat dried fruits and canned vegetables because it already has preservative which may affect the work of HCG. It has a high level of sugar, oil, salt and other food chemical. Choose to have fresh and organic foods that are allowed during the VLCD.

How to portion your VLCD meal?

Food portioning is done through tracking and weighing every food before cooking. This means that you have to weigh it raw especially the meat portion. Make sure to remove all the visible fats or choose the leanest portion of the meat. The VLCD is done by not eating solid food on breakfast. You are only allowed to have coffee, tea or water. It must be free from sugar. For your major meals such as lunch and dinner you can have 100 gram of meat portion. You must also have one serving of vegetable, one fruit and a Melba toast. Always refer to the food list and do not go beyond the acceptable calorie requirements.

What to do in case of weight gain during the VLCD of the HCG diet?

You can try the apple a day. This is one of the weight gain correctors during the HCG diet, especially on P2. You have to eat nothing but apples until you bounce back from your latest weigh-in. HCG diet also allows steak day. This is only done when you are experiencing weight loss plateau or stall. Steak day is done by eating nothing for the entire day and serve a large piece of steak at night until your weight changes.  

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