The HCG diet starts upon stepping on the HCG phase 1. This is known as the loading phase. Phase 1 of the HCG diet is designed to prepare the body for the diet duration. This will make sure that the body has enough fats to be used as a source of energy. Phase 1 is designed carefully for the rest of the diet. This must be done properly to avoid any slip. Plan the HCG diet p[properly to reach success. The success of Phase 1 can benefit the success of the entire diet. Do not go right away to the next phase if Phase 1 is not complete. Do not afraid of the possible weight gain in this phase. Weight gain in Phase 1 is normal and can be corrected as soon as Phase 2 starts.

Load more on healthy fats. It is required in this phase to eat as much food as you can. However, do not eat until you get sick. Load on fatty foods, sugar, and carbs as if it is your last. The purpose of this is to make sure that the fats stores are filled. You can also do a cooking experiment in phase 1. This will serve as your preparation to get through in the burning phase. Before doing the VLCD, you have to consult a doctor. Check the body if it is ready for the 500 calories a day diet. Phase 1 is the time to learn about the protocol as much as you can. This is important to see to it that the body is good to go. Study and be familiar with the dos and don’ts of the HCG diet. Make all the preparations during Phase 1. Collect and buy the necessary things that are needed for weight loss.

Feel free to ask questions so that you will broaden your mind. It is better to ask questions than to make various mistakes. There will be a lot of questions about the HCG diet. Be aware of the rules of the diet towards medication, menstruation, and other issues. This will help you understand the flow of the diet and will prevent you from doing mistakes. Part of planning in Phase 1 is doing the shopping. Buy all the needed things and foods for the entire diet duration. Bring the HCG diet food list if you do the grocery.

There is a possibility that changes will come. The HCG experts will adjust anything to fit your weight loss goal. See to it that you have listed down all the instructions and guidelines. Eat as much as you want before you will do the VLCD.

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