HCG diet allows rapid weight loss along with the help of the protocol. The HCG diet is a fast weight loss aid for an obese individual. It will help you lose weight without spending too much money. HCG diet is a safe and natural way of losing weight. You can reach your weight loss goal if you carefully follow your HCG diet guide.

What are the things you must do on the HCG diet?

  • Stick to your diet track

Sticking to the HCG diet track is sometimes ignored. This is because of the food temptations and cravings. However, you must learn to fight cravings. Sticking to your diet protocol will help you reach a significant weight loss.

  • Do not wait until you get extremely hungry

The 500 calorie diet is challenging especially if you are a first-time dieter. You cannot escape hunger in the first few days. This is because your body is still adjusting to the VLCD. However, hunger will just be gone when the HCG will start to work. Keep easy to grab food to avoid starvation. Keeping easy to grab food will save time for meal preparation. It will also help you deal with hunger right away. Stay away from sugar and carbs because these are the main cause of weight gain.

  • Always choose water, coffee or tea

These will be your best friend during your weight loss. Coffee and tea are rich in antioxidant and it can also help in metabolism. Coffee and green tea can help the HCG in fat burning. Water is limitless in your HCG diet. This helps curb your hunger and it also lowers your appetite. Water, tea and coffee are helpful with your brain health.

  • Choose water-based cosmetics

You do not have to use various facial and skincare products approved on the HCG diet. This is because the HCG will keep your skin healthy. Avoid oil-based cosmetics for facial and body skincare. HCG will help in hydrating and maintaining the elasticity of your skin during your weight loss. You can only use water-based products such as moisturizers.

  • Meditation

Meditation is proven to have a powerful effect on your focus. It will boost your brain health. It will help you in focusing on your weight loss. You can do meditation every morning or before you will go to sleep. It will help you in dealing with stress. Stress is harmful during your HCG diet because it will cause you to emotional eating. Prevent stress by relaxing your mind and body through meditation.

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