Cutting down your intake of calories will help in starting a new eating habit. It will allow you to be effective in eating. Be aware that there are things you must stop doing to succeed in your HCG diet. There are common weight loss blunders you must be aware of. Find out the common mistake if you are not losing weight on the HCG diet. You can only reach your weight loss goal if you stop doing unhealthy habits.

Things you need to stop to succeed on the HCG diet

  • Stop the intake of carbs, sugar, unhealthy fats and calorie-dense foods

To manage your weight loss successfully you have to follow the HCG diet protocol. Stop your intake of unhealthy food choices. Fats, sugar, carbs, and other unhealthy foods will delay your weight loss. You have to stick to the caloric requirements during the HCG diet. Remember that calories will always be calories and you must be wise in loading them. The allowed calories on the HCG diet are enough for your body’s needs. Carbs and other unhealthy food choices will not just promote storing of fats but also diseases.

  • Stop or avoid emotional eating

The root of emotional eating is stress. You have to deal with stress as early as possible. Stress can cause various effects in your body during the HCG diet. It can cause you to do emotional eating or may result in natural weight gain. Load on healthy food to avoid the risk of stress. Healthy foods choices on your HCG diet can control stress and boost your mood. It will enhance your focus on your weight loss.

  • Stop your heavy exercise

Exercise is good in your body. However, heavy exercises can cause weight gain. This is because it will consume your energy and may cause you to eat too much. Heavy exercises can also trigger stress hormones in your body. The allowed exercises on the HCG diet are the light ones such as walking and yoga. These are the common exercise routine that will help in maintaining your cardiovascular health.

  • Stop using your unrealistic weight loss goal

Do not motivate yourself with your unrealistic weight loss goal. This is because it will make you expect too much on the result of your diet. Create a weight loss goal that you can achieve on your HCG diet. Set a weight loss goal that does not harm you or deprive you of enjoying your weight loss. The unrealistic weight loss goal will just cause stress and will constantly take you out on your diet track. The result of the HCG diet is fast but it is dependent on how you follow the protocol.

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