Cooking and preparing your foods at home are suggested when you are using your HCG shots. It will help you control the calories and portions of foods that you will eat. This is a good step instead of buying unhealthy foods outside. In cooking your foods you have to choose the right method to avoid mistakes in preparing your foods.

Benefits of cooking at home during the HCG diet

Cooking at home does not only help you save more money during your weight loss. It also helps you get the right food ingredients that do not interfere with the HCG. You can save time and get healthier ingredients to help you lose weight. Cooking at home also reduces calorie consumption on the HCG diet and reduces your risk of having unhealthy choices.

Tips in cooking your foods at home during the HCG diet

Cooking tip #1- Use fresh ingredients

Fresh ingredients are healthier than packed and processed ones. It helps you avoid canned foods, dried fruits, preservatives, and additives. Fresh ingredients do not contain chemicals that degrade the nutritional value of the food. It also gives the best taste and more delicious compared to processed items.

Cooking tip #2- Use healthy cooking oil

Cooking oils are not recommended during the HCG diet. However, you can use a small amount of olive oil but not every day. The wrong cooking can damage your healthy meal. It affects the taste and value of the foods. It is better to use a non-stick pan for oil-free cooking. Instead of frying your foods, you can have them grilled, boiled, or steamed. These cooking ways will help you maintain the value of your foods.

Cooking tip #3- Limit the usage of salt

Too much salt leads to water retention which eventually causes weight gain. Avoid too much salt when you are cooking because it attracts water weights. Add the exact amount of salt in your food to improve its taste. Avoid having it in every meal because it affects the HCG.

Cooking tip #4- Do not overcook your food

Overcooked foods have various health risks. It also degrades the number of nutrients in certain foods. It destroys vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes from your foods. Overcooked foods are also hard to metabolize and processed in your body.

Healthy cooking method you can apply to HCG diet

  • Boiling- Foods are boiled in water until it is drained. You can boil vegetables or make soups out of a piece of lean meat.
  • Simmer- This is a way of cooking foods by adding water in a pot. Simmering is usually done in a low heat method. It is a slow cooking method that keeps the food hot when served.
  • Broil- Your foods are cooked by the heat on top. Broiling is done by using an oven and set it into broil.
  • Steaming- This is when you prepare a liquid in your pot. Add a steaming pan and place your food over the hot liquid. This is one of the oil-free techniques for preparing and cooking delicious treats.
  • Grilling- You are using grate and adding coals on it. Grilling involves open flame cooking.
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