There are important things you must do before starting the HCG diet. You cannot just step into the HCG diet without proper preparation. This is because it will just cause you to slip very often. You have to prepare your body for faster weight loss. You have to stop all your habits that may affect your weight loss journey. This is to make sure that your blood pressure and overall health is stable.

One of the cornerstones of losing weight is nutrition. You need to undergo a physical assessment to make sure that it is safe for you to lose weight. Your medical check-up will guide you to follow a healthy lifestyle. It is important to know that weight loss does not happen in one snap. It takes a process and you also have to change your lifestyle. A medical checkup will also assess your present state of fitness and health.

How does HCG help in fat burning?

Weight loss starts right away as soon as the HCG takes place in your body. It targets unhealthy fats in various parts of your body. The HCG will reach the hard-to-reach areas in your body such as the belly, thighs, butt, etc. It takes off stubborn fats that are not reached by your previous weight loss program. Along with this is the VLCD which guides you to adopt healthy eating. The HCG also protects your lean muscle and protects its health during rapid fat burning. It also functions by resetting your brain to send a signal for a faster metabolic rate. Thus, it breaks down the burned fats and uses it as a source of energy instead of getting it from the foods.

Things you must do before starting the HCG diet

  • Make sure that you are ready to lose weight

Do not step into the HCG diet if you are experiencing life-threatening diseases. Make sure that you are ready physically, emotionally and mentally for weight loss. It is not only your body you must prepare for weight loss. You also have to prepare your mental health. Deal with stress right away so that it cannot trigger hormones in your body that adds up weight. You have to make sure that you are ready so that your weight loss journey will go well.

  • Prepare the things you will need to lose weight

You cannot lose weight barehanded. You have to provide all the needed things that you will need. Make sure that you have the HCG diet food list. You can also do grocery shopping during this time. Planning will help you go on a swift diet. You have to prepare your HCG diet kit. See to it that you purchase the HCG that you will use depending on the duration of your weight loss. You also have to prepare a weighing scale and food scale. This will help you track your food intake and weight loss.

  • Be ready for permanent change

Losing weight is not just for fun. You will be losing weight so that you can have a healthy body for a lifetime. Do not just lose weight because of peer pressure. Losing weight is a permanent change that is why you have to be careful. To lose extra pounds you have to change our aspect towards eating. Change the way you eat, what you eat, and your activity level and as well as your behavior.

  • Create a weight loss goal

Your weight loss goal is very important during the HCG diet. It will be your driving force and your motivation to pursue weight loss. You have created a realistic and reachable weight loss goal. Avoid creating a weight loss goal that is not possible to reach. It will just cause disappointments or else failure. The duration of your weight loss also depends on how much weight you want to shed.

What are the major tips you must do during the HCG diet?

Follow your HCG diet protocol- The HCG diet protocol will guide you every step of the way. It will serve as your key to reach your weight loss goal. You have to accomplish the four phases of the HCG diet before you reach your weight loss goal. You are not allowed to skip one phase of the HCG diet. This is because each phase will serve as your open door to reach your goals.

  • Maintain your proper intake of calories- The HCG diet, especially on P2, only allows you to have at least 500 calories per day. Maintain your intake of calories by portioning properly your food. Choose foods that are low in calories but high in nutritional levels. The foods that are low in calories are whole foods. It will help you maintain a healthy body during your weight loss. Low-calorie foods help during the VLCD of the HCG diet. Stay on track by maintaining a proper intake of calories. Weight loss is not about the number of food you consume. This is also about what your body can get from the foods you eat.
  • Do not forget to administer your HCG shot- Your VLCD will be worthless without the HCG in your body. The HCG shot will control your hunger and cravings. It does not allow your body to go on starvation mode. Have your HCG shot at the same time each day to avoid missed doses. Remember that if you missed an HCG dose your weight loss will be delayed.
  • Weigh yourself and your food choices- Weighing scales will be your best friend during the HCG diet. You have to weigh yourself every morning as soon as you get up. This is to help you track or determine if you lose weight or not. Weighing your foods also is important to control your intake of calories. Weigh your food choices especially lean meat choices before cooking. This will help you track your progress on weight loss.
  • Stay away from sugar, starch, and processed foods- These are the undying reminders during the HCG diet. These food ingredients do not just cause weight loss. It can also affect your body and health. Sugar and starch can also trigger the rapid storing of fats in your body. It also causes weight-related diseases. You are also not allowed to have processed foods at any amount.  
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