Many diet styles will just come and go. Most of it is low-carb diet and other long-term styles. However, in the long run, there will be side effects that put the health at risk. Calorie limitation makes you burn but it cause starving. A very low-calorie diet is very impossible to do in obese patients. This is why the HCG diet is created for rapid weight loss along with VLCD.

What is obesity?

This is a condition of having too much fat in the body. This is caused by genetic or environmental factors. It may cause several conditions that put the health at risk. Most of the cause of obesity is found in environmental factors. Obesity is mostly caused by the calories that are taken by people. Remember that calories will always be calories. It does not change and may cause a risk if it is not controlled.

What are the things you can do for Obesity?

  • Change the eating habits- On HCG diet habits will turn upside down for good. You will learn to adopt new eating habits. There will be new food choices that are healthier than what you used to enjoy.
  • Losing weight in VLCD- There will be no exercise done but you will surely lose weight. This is because the VLCD in the HCG diet is enough for fat burning. VLCD only works safely along with HCG. This is because the hormones have a special task in resetting the metabolism of a person. Thus, burn fats rapidly.
  • Be more educated on nourishment- Be wise enough in eating foods. Nourish your body with the healthy foods in the HCG diet food list. Forget the eating habits in the past, it may sound good but they are not healthy.
  • Set a realistic weight goal- make a solid commitment to the diet. Your goal must be realistic so that you will be motivated to reach it. You may split your entire goal into a weekly goal. You may reach each goal step by step each week. Manage your goal properly.
  • Instead of thinking that you are on a diet, think about a split eating plan. Have a plan that is made by your own ideas out of the HCG diet food list. You must stick to the restrictions of each protocol. Follow the caloric restrictions of the HCG diet. Choose a variety of fruits and veggies that can boost your body.

Further Reminders

  • You must read the food labels carefully- stay away from processed foods
  • As much as possible, choose to load on organic foods
  • Control the food portions and seasonings
  • Do not eat in restaurants nor load up on processed fruits and veggies
  • Bring your own meal when someone asks you out
  • Stay hydrated—stay away from the stress
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