A journey to weight loss goal 

Welcome aboard! HCG has been serving thousands of people for long years. This was founded by a medical doctor ATW Simeons. HCG diet is like a long sea trip, but all worth it in the end. Bring with you your determination, patience, and courage as you journey with HCG. Prepare all the things that are needed, such as the diet kit. The most important thing to bring is the HCG diet hormones. It will serve as your ticket towards your weight loss goal.

The two vital ways of HCG

  1. The HCG injection aids in suppressing hunger– Hunger is the main rival when you are on a diet. The traditional diets promote fasting but usually lead us to fast eating. However, the HCG diet is far different from any other diet.
  2. HCG causes the body to burn fats not muscle– The main target of HCG is burning the fats than muscles. It uses fat stores as a source of energy while burning unwanted fats. HCG makes a big difference.

The Three destinations of HCG Journey

Start the first Journey with a doctor’s prescription. Make sure that you are not suffering from any diseases before you will start the diet. If you are sick, wait until you will recover fully. All the body systems must be healthy to be focused on your weight loss. The best result will be reached if you are healthy.

  • The loading Phase– Food and more foods. This is known as Phase 1. You will load up more foods that are high in carbs and fats. Phase 1 is a two-day gorging session. You will eat more as you can but do not eat too much. The goal of this is to full tank the glycogen stores. This will give a signal to the brain that the fat storage cells are ready to be burned up.
  • Phase 2– This is when you will start to do the VLCD. The duration of Phase 2 is 3 to 6 weeks. This will be tough. You have to be 100% loyal to your goal. Take or inject the HCG hormones every morning. Use the HCG injections once a day. You are only allowed to take 500 calories a day. Exact and allowed portions are given here. Do not worry, the VLCD will not cause starvation or hunger pains.
  • Phase 3– Keep the weight off! Phase 3 helps you maintain weight loss. You may now slowly increase the calories that you are taking. This time you will be eating more foods compared to Phase 2. This will be hard. You will gradually increase the food intake while keeping the attained weight loss.
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