Weight Loss for Vegetarians on the HCG Diet

Vegetarians have difficulty in losing weight due to their carb intake and limited lean protein intake. With the reduction of most animal-based products, it is faster for vegetarians to lose weight on the HCG diet.

What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan?

Vegetarians are people who do not eat protein from animals. They use dairy products as a protein source. Vegans, on the other hand, have similar goals to vegetarians. They do not eat meat products. But, take a step further by prohibiting dairies and other animal byproducts. Vegans do not eat eggs, honey, gelatin, dairies. Despite all of the low-calorie foods, vegans are still at risk of obesity. Going vegan or vegetarian is not the best choice to stabilize your overall health.

Can vegetarians do the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is a vegetarian-friendly weight loss program. It has a lot to offer for overweight and obese individuals seeking weight loss. What about inadequate protein? Vegetarian protocol on the HCG diet has substitute choices for meat choices. You can follow this protocol without worrying about protein supply during the VLCD. Vegetarians can also lose up to 30 to 40 pounds on the HCG diet. But, ensure to stick to the protocol for maximum weight loss.

If you consider dairy products, here are some recommendations from Dr. Simeons: 

  • Hard-boiled eggs but, be careful with the egg yolk because it can increase your calorie intake. Egg yolks have fats and, overloading egg yolks leads to weight gain. So, eat at least three egg white and one egg yolk during the VLCD.
  • You can also have 17 ounces of skim milk per day on the HCG diet. Avoid drinking it all at once. Ensure that it is non-fat and unsweetened.
  • Cottage cheese is also permissible along with non-fat yogurt. Avoid adding sugar and unhealthy sweeteners to your meal because it can cause weight gain.
  • Products that contain starch are not advisable. Vegetarians cannot eat the customary vegetable that contains starch. Avoid eating rice, potatoes, nuts, and wheat.
  • Vegetarians can also eat seafood as a substitute for beef and chicken meat.
  • Tofu is also allowable but, you cannot have it every day. Find another plant-based substitute for protein to prevent muscle loss on the HCG diet.

You can cook different diet recipes without the meat. Focus on other choices of recipes you can have. Count the number of calories in each food that you will eat during the VLCD.  Ensure to eat fruits to improve your satiety on the HCG diet. Maintain your hydration to avoid the occurrence of cravings. Water releases toxins and prevents water retention. The vegetarian diet is easy than the regular HCG diet. It is because you will not find it challenging to shifting to a healthy eating routine.

Is Exercising permissible on the vegetarian protocol of the HCG diet?

A healthy routine includes eating and proper exercise. It also includes being beneficial in choosing the right kind of food. Losing weight on the HCG diet is to maintain the healthy state of the body. For as long as the body is healthy, the more works you can do. Healthy eating brings long life and a healthy lifestyle.

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