Do not expect a constant rate of weight loss. This is because there are cases that will stop you from losing weight. Some cases are because of unhealthy eating, menstruation, and water weights. This situation is called a weight-loss stall. Weight loss stall can be easily solved by following the protocol. Things may go wrong but some ways will help you in getting back on track.

Weight loss stall is the result when your metabolism declines. It is when your weight loss suddenly stops. This is also caused by water weights. Water weights happen when your body starts storing water during menstruation. The water weights are gone right away when your menstruation ends.

What are the things that cause weight loss stall?

  • Failure to administer the HCG shot

The HCG shot must be administered at the same time each day. The dose of the HCG ensures greater weight loss. HCG works directly in your body fats from hard-to-reach areas of your body. It resets your metabolic rate to promote faster weight loss. Make sure to have the exact dose of HCG shot to avoid a weight-loss stall. The HCG burns fats and uses it as your body’s source of energy. The energy that is converted from burned fats helps in supplying energy for the VLCD. The HCG helps in preventing weight loss stall. It also preserves your lean muscle mass.

  • Unhealthy eating/cheating       

Stalling also happens because of unhealthy food choices. This is when you tend to cheat. It can cause either weight loss, weight loss stall or weight gain. Unhealthy eating or cheating will make you find harder to go back to your diet track. Track your food intake to avoid the foods that cause weight loss stall. Cheating also stops your metabolism. Thus, it causes a weight-loss stall. Avoid appealing foods such as processed products. Do not purchase the foods that are not listed in the food list of the HCG diet.

  • Skipping your meal

Cheating is not the only cause of why your weight loss is stalling. Eating fewer foods can also affect your weight loss process. Avoid skipping meals during the HCG diet. This is because it can also cause nutritional deficiency. You need food to supply nutrients and to power up your body. Be careful in loading and track your intake of calories. Make sure that you do not go beyond the caloric requirements during the HCG diet. Skipping a meal is not allowed during the HCG diet. You do not have to deprive yourself while losing weight. You just have to control your food intake.

  • Extreme exercises

Working out cannot help you lose weight. Avoid doing extreme exercise because it can cause stress. Stress can lead to emotional eating and will eventually cause you to eat too much. Eating too much can cause weight loss stall. Extreme exercise can also cause fatigue and tiredness. This will trigger hunger and cravings. You are only allowed to do light exercises when you are not tired. Stay hydrated during the exercise.

How to cut weight loss plateau during the HCG diet?

  • Stop your intake of carbs and maintain a light exercise
  • Track everything that you eat and load on protein
  • Deal with stress right away and beware on calories
  • Avoid unhealthy foods such and alcohol
  • Choose fruits and vegetables
  • Drink water, unsweetened tea, and coffee
  • Have enough time to sleep and stay active as possible
  • Maintain the HCG shot during phase 2

How to end weight-loss stall during the HCG diet?

  • Steak and apple a day– These are the common steps to break a weight loss plateau on the HCG diet. The purpose of the steak and apple today is to get back on the diet track. It also helps in balancing calories. Serve a large piece of lean beef meat at dinner and add tomato or apple. You have to eat nothing all day during the steak day. The apple day as well is the loading of 6 to 7 apples per day. You can continue the process until you get back to your last weight. The apple day also helps in dealing with your cravings in sugar.
  • Stay hydrated- water can help in taking off water weights that cause weight loss stall. The water weights are caused by a natural response of your body during menstruation. Water can also help in distributing nutrients in various parts of your body. It also maintains fullness and curbs hunger and cravings. You can also drink unsweetened tea and coffee. Tea and coffee help in boosting your brain and focus. It aids in lowering your stress levels that may cause weight loss stall.
  • Eat more fiber- Including fiber in your meal may break the cause of weight loss stall. The foods that are rich in fiber are fruits and vegetables. Fiber helps in digestion and it can also boost your metabolic rate. Always refer to the HCG diet food list to have healthy food choices. The foods that are allowed during the HCG diet are rich in fiber and other vitamins and minerals. It aids in weight loss and helps you stay on your diet track.
  • Deal with stress right away- dealing with stress will help in lowering the cause of weight loss stall. High-stress levels trigger hormones in your body that cause weight gain. You can lower your stress level by having enough time to sleep. Sleeping will give your body time to process the foods that you eat. This is also the time that your body can properly digest your foods. You can also deal with stress through meditation, yoga and relaxing. Avoid high-stress levels during the HCG diet for greater results.
  • Embrace new food choices- Doing the HCG diet has new food choices. You will be letting go of your unhealthy food indulgences. Embrace new food choices not just to lose weight but to prevent diseases. HCG diet is the time for you to shift from unhealthy habits. HCG diet allows you to choose organic foods.
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