Weight loss on the HCG diet is constant. You can shed half or 1 pound a day if you do it correctly. Weight loss is one of the trails you can face in the diet. This can happen even in the most loyal dieter. Upon starting the diet, you must grasp the most valid motivation you can have. This will help you get through the diet without any problems. A weight-loss stall often causes panic and worry to most dieters. However, you do not have to worry if you experience this on the HCG diet. Weight stall in some cases is normal. You do not have to panic or get irritated. There are steps that will be given to you to pass through this situation.

The HCG diet works as a weight loss aid in a rapid way. It will transition the unhealthy lifestyle into a better one. Each HCG dieter is an effective dieter. They will become responsible for the meals that they are going to eat. All the things that have been learned in the HCG diet will be brought as a lesson for so long. It will help you solve the issue of overweight and obesity. The intense hunger pains that you experience before will be gone. It is because the HCG diet hormones will help the body in curbing hunger. You do not have to worry about eating or making the cravings satisfied. Because in the first place you will not feel any hunger at all. Several studies have proven that HCG is responsible for the production of the hormone. Thus, it is also responsible for the increase in metabolism. It will trigger weight loss and keep off the intense hunger pains. If the metabolism goes high there is a greater possibility that you will lose weight fast.

The thing you can do in case of a weight stall is to stay hydrated. Water retention can be solved by drinking water. It will help the body from pushing the water weight out. It will also push out toxins and fats from the body. Drink enough amount of water for the whole day. You can also have coffee or tea as a substitute for water. You can also do the apple a day. This is eating nothing but apples for the whole day. You can eat a maximum of 6 apples and drink water. This will assure you that you can grab the weight loss again. Get back on track as you do the steak day. This is also another choice instead of an apple a day. This is a protein choice diet. You can add the amount of your protein to your meal.

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