Salute! You have reached your weight loss goal. This is the time to switch from weight loss to weight control. It means that you do not have to lose more weight anymore. You don’t have to gain too. All you have to do is to maintain what you have reached. Welcome to the stabilization Phase. Losing weight is difficult in the first place but it is made easier and faster in the HCG diet.

The worst thing you would rather not do in this phase is to go back to the old eating habits. Be reminded that those styles are the cause of why you gain too much weight. That is why; on HCG you will slowly add up the caloric intake until it stabilizes. Stay on your toes; you can set new goals that are not related to weight loss. Make a goal that is connected to weight maintenance. Achieving goals can boost your self-confidence.

Effective ways to keep the weight loss

  • Effective eater- Be an effective eater. Be accountable for everything that you load up. Make sure to load on the HCG allowed meals. Both weight gain and loss are a product of what you eat. Every meal is important on HCG. Do not skip any meals even if you do not feel like eating.
  • Act upon what you learn- On HCG you are taught to be a responsible eater. You have to live with it until the weight stabilizes or forever. Everything that you have learned from the Phases of the HCG diet is needed. You can apply it in the duration of Phase 3. Surround yourself with reminders of a healthy lifestyle. Be aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle for your lifetime.
  • Be mindful- Use your mind than your emotions. If you feel cravings, you can drink water. In Phase 3 your mind must be stronger than your emotions. Eating too much because of cravings will cause weight gain. It may ruin weight maintenance. Set limitations and always remember that you have changed your old eating lifestyle.
  • Be prepared for setbacks- This cannot be avoided but this can be controlled. If you gain weight do not panic. Check all the foods that you have been eating. Overcome setbacks by creating a plan ahead of it. A prepared mind can help you get back on track.
  • Stay hydrated and stay on track- Water is one component in the diet that is very healthy. It promotes fullness and increases metabolism.

Healthy eating habit is the number one asset of the HCG diet. It controls stress and other diseases. Controlling stress levels is a smart way of keeping weight lost. Eating healthy foods can make you look good and healthy. Doing a healthy diet in HCG is a great choice.

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