The HCG works intently to burn fats in various parts of your body. It urns that fats that are not reached by your previous weight loss program. Before stepping into the HCG diet, you have to make sure that you are ready for the entire duration of weight loss. Make or plan up your weight loss goal and see to it that your body will fully cooperate in implementing the protocol.

One thing that would make sure that your body is prepared is to undergo a medical checkup. The doctor will be the one to give the go signal to do the diet. After you receive the go signal, you have to avail the HCG diet kit. The duration of the diet depends on how much weight you want to lose. You must shop ahead of time to prevent unnecessary things. You must also consider planning the foods that you are going to eat during the HCG diet.

Losing weight through the HCG diet is made easier and safe. This is because of the help of the diet hormone in dealing with your body fats. However, you still have to be careful especially when you are a first-time dieter. This is a bit intimidating at first but sooner your body will get used to it. Be careful with the possible things that may ruin your journey in reaching your weight loss goal.

Things that ruin your HCG diet

  • Intentional cheating- Cheating is not allowed during the HCG diet. Consider it as the biggest hindrance to weight loss.  Cheating on HCG will make you gain weight as fast as you want to lose it. It will take you 2 to 3 days to be back on the weight before you do cheating. Do not waste your effort and money by cheating. Stay away from the surroundings of unhealthy foods.
  • Using the non-HCG diet items- These are products that are not allowed during the HCG diet. The non-HCG items are not just the food items but other things that can affect your weight loss. One of these is the cosmetics and skincare products that you have been using. Be careful with the lotions, lipstick and other cosmetics you’re using. Anything that has Vitamin E gel on your makeups may rob your weight loss.
  • Failure to follow proper food portioning- A failure to follow the food portioning is a part of non-intentional cheating. Follow the exact food serving allowed in each phase of the HCG diet. The most important things are during the VLCD. Track your intake of calories and choose the foods that are healthy and have low-calorie content. The food item in the HCG diet food list has the correct size of the serving.
  • Drinking not allowed drinks- HCG diet only allows water, tea, and coffee. It must be sugar-free. The only sweetener that is approved is Stevia. The other kind of drink has non-HCG diet-friendly ingredients. Stay away from diet soda, alcoholic beverages and fruits juices. You are also not allowed to have milk or other energy drinks.
  • Exercising intensely- Working out will just lead you to starvation. You will just end up eating too much than what is allowed. You are only allowed to have a short walk or jogging during the HCG diet. Avoid intense exercises such as weight-lifting and other activity that will consume your energy. HCG can make you lose weight without working hard. HCG does make a big difference from other weight loss program.
  • You fail to track your weight- If you fail to weigh every morning you might miss the changes in your weight loss. You will also not know whether you are losing weight or your weight loss is already stalling. To avoid such a case, you must consider weighing every morning and record t in your diet journal. This is done every morning as soon as you get up. This will assess you on how far you have been in the HCG diet.
  • You eat too fast- Eating fast is an attitude of a crazy dieter. Munch your food slowly because you are not in a race. Allow your body to process every food that you eat. Stay on track and follow the HCG protocol. There is no game in here but you’ll surely win if you persevere.

What will you do to correct in case of weight gain during the HCG diet?

If your weight loss is ruined by your unhealthy habits, there is still a chance to correct it. You do not have to stop where you failed. All you can do is to correct it right away. Weight gains and stalls happen but there are effective HCG diet ways to correct weight gain. Here are some tips to correct weight gain on the HCG diet.

  • Drink water- It will help your body in flushing out the food chemicals that cause you to gain weight. Water as well helps you get through water retention. It promotes cleansing and proper distribution of nutrients in your body. It also promotes the proper flow of your blood during weight loss.
  • Do not skip your meals- You do not have to skip meals because it might cause nutrient deficiency. Skipping meals by not eating now will make you hungrier on your next meal. Such cases might cause you to cheat even more. Skipping meals is not allowed in any phase of the HCG diet.
  • Create a diet plan- Choose the foods that are good for you after cheat days. Always refer to your HCG diet food list for better food options. It is better if you will load up more on fiber and green leafy vegetables.
  • Increase your light activities- Being active will restart your metabolic rate and maintains proper digestion. Light activities will also improve your vitality and muscular strength. It can also boost your metabolism and improves your mood and focus. It can also burn extra calories in various parts of your body.
  • Maintain your HCG shot- Maintain your HCG shot to help in curbing hunger and cravings. It works intently in burning your body fats and used it as your energy source. HCG as well as resets your metabolic rate for faster weight loss.
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