Weight loss during the HCG diet is fast and effective. This is because of the diet hormones and other supporting tools. Maximizing your weight loss does not just spin around the cutting down of calories. There are also important things that you must have during your HCG diet. These things will serve as your support system in reaching your weight loss goal.

The things needed for the HCG diet

  • Weighing scale– Your weighing scale will be your best friend throughout your diet duration. It is the first thing you would step in for your morning routine. This is used in tracking your weight every morning as soon as you get up from your bed. You also have to provide a food scale because you have to weigh your foods before cooking. A food scale is important for your food portioning. These are needed until you finish the HCG weight loss process. The weighing scale is the vital tool you must-have for your HCG diet.
  • Your HCG diet journal– This will serve as your record book for your daily weight. This will help you track the source in case of weight gain. You can also write the food choices and portion every meal setting. Always remember that there are also food choices that will cause weight stall. You also have to keep a record of your daily HCG shot so that you will not miss a dose.
  • HCG food list– You must have a copy of the food list on your bag or purse. This will guide you on your food choices and avoid unhealthy foods. Your unhealthy foods choices affect the work of the diet hormones in your body. You can also create your own meal plan according to the food choices on your HCG food list. You can also refer to your HCG food list if you go grocery shopping. See to it that your stomach is full during shopping to avoid purchasing unhealthy foods.
  • Timer or planner– Timer is for you to set a time when you would have your HCG shot. It will help you to avoid a missed dose. Your planner will also help with your meal planning especially if you are a newbie on the HCG diet. Plan your meal ahead of time to avoid extreme hunger. Planning ahead can stop you from loading too much food. Timer and planner are less important however, they can help in reaching your weight loss goal.
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