Hunger is making us search for food. Hunger is a human instinct that brings us to any behavior. Hunger is also a response to the boy that we have eaten less. This is because the brain reads changes in hormones and nutrients. Hunger is also the cause of why we overeat. Understanding hunger can help us get through the HCG diet.

What are the causes of Hunger?

Fast metabolism- If the metabolism is too fast it will cause hunger. It is because the body is losing energy and calories. Fast metabolism burns calories as fast as it can. The HCG diet promotes proper metabolism and suppression of hunger. This is usually observed during the VLCD. Another cause of hunger is eating processed foods. It has various chemicals that destroy the work of the digestive system. It affects the hormones that maintain fullness. Processed foods are delicious and too tempting. However, they are harmful to the body.

Sugar and starch can cause chemicals in the brain to trigger stress. It causes depression and overeating. This is because sugar can delay mood-regulating chemicals. It pushes the appetite to remain high for a long period of time. This is why we need to lower the intake of carbs and sugar. For the duration of the HCG diet, sugar and carbs are not allowed. Dieters must stop the intake of these foods. It is the cause of rapid weight gain. It is the reason for the storing of unhealthy fats. Thus, lead to stubborn fat loss even in a calorie-restricted diet. However, the work of HCG hormones is to target stubborn fats. It burns the fats that are stored in the unreached part of the body.

Another cause of hunger is hormones. It allows constant hunger. It is also prone to diabetes and other diseases. Hormones cause the vital function of the body to speed up than normal. This causes you to feel always hungry. It comes along with symptoms such as stomach pains, headaches,s or contractions in the intestine. This situation caused us to desire more food.

Hunger on the HCG diet is solved by the HCG diet meals. It is normal in the first 3 days of the VLCD. The body is resetting for the new habit and eating style. The HCG hormones are responsible for curbing hunger. It allows the dieter to feel comfortable while burning fats. In case of hunger, grab an HCG diet fruit snack. You can also drink coffee, tea or water.

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