The HCG diet recommends you drink 2 liters of water per day during the VLCD. You should get into drinking an adequate amount of water per day during the HCG diet. Aside from its benefits in your body, it can also help in weight loss. It aids in getting rid of the calories from food and unhealthy drinks that you are loading.

Can drinking water cause weight loss by itself?

For clarification, water alone does not cause weight loss. During the HCG diet, it is the diet hormone that is responsible for weight loss. Water will assist some calorie-burning processes during the HCG diet so that you can lose weight fast. If you want to lose weight fast, ensure that you are taking your HCG shots at the same time each day. It also goes along with controlling your calorie intake.

Here are few things that water does in your body during the HCG diet

  • Water helps in suppressing your appetite so that you can stay full while eating less.
  • It can help in improving digestion during the HCG diet and in your physical activities.
  • By drinking water, you have less chance of binge eating.
  • Water can also maintain proper hydration and avoid constipation and indigestion.
  • By drinking water, you can stave off symptoms of cravings.
  • Drinking water before you have your meal can help you eat less. It will help you feel fuller during the very low-calorie diet.
  • Drinking water before you eat helps you eat less.
  • Drinking water before and after your meal can aid in transporting and processing food nutrients in your body.
  • Drinking water helps you avoid the calorie-loaded and sugary drinks from processed beverages.

Water for your morning routine and activities

Drinking water in the morning will help you get the most from your light exercise activity. When you consider light exercises during the HCG diet, ensure that you are well-hydrated. Drink as much water as you can before taking a short walk or jog. Bring a bottle of water every time you go somewhere. It will help you avoid buying processed and calorie-loaded beverages.

Tracking your hydration levels during the HCG diet

Dehydration is possible when you are losing weight. However, you can avoid it while on an HCG diet by drinking an adequate amount of water. To track your hydration you can use the color of your urine as your basis. The darker the color the more you are dehydrated which means that you need more water. Water will make you urinate frequently which is helpful to reduce body toxins. Be aware of your hydration levels because it could impact your progress on your HCG diet.

Is there such thing as too much water on the HCG diet?

Whether you are on a diet or not, you have to be careful in drinking water. If dehydration is true, too much water in your system is also possible. Too much water dilutes the sodium content of your blood. It can happen when your kidneys can’t get rid of excess water. To avoid such a situation, do not drink 2 liters of water one at a time. You have to do it with a time interval.

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