Protein is a macronutrient that makes up the major component of all our cells. It provides vital amino acids that keep your body active throughout the day. Protein is so important in the HCG diet, as most of the calories on your diet come from lean protein. The lean protein during the HCG diet comes from poultry, white fish, and lean meat.

Protein is important during the second phase of the HCG diet. It prevents binge eating or sudden occurrences of cravings. Take note of the number of nutrients you get on your HCG meal. It will help you burn fat and maintain your muscle mass. If you experience signs of lack of protein, make sure you get your balance back.

What happens when you lack protein during the HCG diet?

  • Lack of protein causes weak bone

When you lack protein to fuel your organs, your body borrows from other zones. It includes your skeletal muscle tissue. Lack of protein will result in being prone to injuries and muscle breaks.

  • Lack of protein can cause tiredness

Being lousy or tired even after sleeping is a signal that you need protein. Having enough protein in each meal maintains your energy for the entire day. Lack of protein can leave you feeling drained.

  • Lack of protein affects the build-up of your muscle mass

You can’t build enough muscle mass if you are not feeding your body with enough protein. There is a tendency that your body will start breaking down your muscle during the HCG diet. Muscle loss will make you hold on to fat stores. It eventually became the reason why your body’s composition changes.

  • It stimulates hunger most of the time

Be aware of high-protein foods to avoid hunger during the HCG diet program. Loading on protein makes your body maintains satiety. High protein foods take too long to digest which is why you can avoid cravings. A frequent occurrence of hunger and cravings is a sign that you need more protein on your diet.

  • Lack of protein changes your mood

Amino acids are the building blocks that control moods. Having enough protein maintains a positive mood in your brain. When you feel anxious or uneasy, you need more protein. Lack of protein can cause fluctuation of positive hormones that is why moodiness happens.

How much protein do you need during the HCG diet?

The original protocol of the HCG diet requires you to have 200 grams of protein per day. It means that you can have 100grams of lean protein per meal. Make sure that you weigh your foods before cooking to get the right meal size. The foods that are rich in protein are lean cuts of meat such as chicken and beef.

If you are experiencing most of these signs, then you should be taking note of the number of food nutrients that you are taking in your diet. Getting protein in your diet is beneficial. It can burn fat, help muscle recovery, heal injury, and improve brain function and mood positivity.

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