The HCG diet is one of the most effective weight loss regimens available anywhere. You can complete the program in three to six weeks and get fast weight loss results. One of the advantages of the HCG diet is that it has been proven to be safe for how many years. The HCG diet requires calorie restrictions as you begin to take the HCG injections.

The HCG supplies a constant stream of energy as you are on a rapid fat loss. Following the diet protocol can create positive results that can be seen every day. There are no occurrences of hunger pain during the VLCD. It’s because the HCG help in suppressing your appetite to adjust to smaller food portions.

Factors that make HCG a better weight loss regimen

#1- You do not have to do intense exercises

The HCG diet does not require exercise which makes it easier than other regimens. Exercising is an extra burden because it is hard to follow it when you are cutting calories. Without requiring exercise, the HCG can target stubborn fats in various parts of your body. There is some modification of HCG protocol which considers exercise but, it must not be heavy.

#2- HCG diet results in faster weight loss

The claims of the HCG diet about rapid weight loss are true. It can help you lose up to 2 pounds of weight every day when you stick to the protocol. As long as you avoid cheating and stick to VLCD, you can lose a large amount of weight in a short period.

#3- HCG diet provides long-term health benefits

Losing body fats is one of the first steps in maintaining a healthy body. It reduces a wide range of health risk that is caused by weight gain. Losing weight through the HCG diet prevents your risk from hypertension, cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. Many of the health problems caused by weight loss are a result of your poor eating habits.

#4- It is a stepping stone for a healthy lifestyle

The HCG does not only reset your weight but also your lifestyle. During the VLCD, your body will reprogram to eat healthy food choices. Regardless of how poor your diet is before the HCG diet, you will experience transition. It controls your cravings and manages your eating pattern.

#5- The VLCD during the HCG diet is safe

The real thing about VLCD is that it is dangerous. It can lead to starvation mode and nutritional deficiency. However, it is safe and healthy when you do it along with your HCG shots. The HCG reduces your appetite to help your body transition to VLCD. The HCG ensures that you have the right level of nutrient and energy supply during the diet program.

How does HCG make VLCD safe?

The HCG makes it safe by reprograming your body to burn a large number of fats.  The fats that are burned will be used as a source of fuel for your body. The nutrients from the 500 calorie foods that you eat are enough to sustain your body’s nutritional demands. The HCG helps your body absorb nutrients from the healthy foods that you are eating.

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