What to Expect on the First Few Days of the HCG Diet?

The second phase of the HCG diet is the 3 to 6 weeks period of VLCD. You will begin the low-calorie intake on the third day of taking your HCG shots. Cut down your calorie intake during this process to 500 calories per day with the HCG shots.

The VLCD seems intimidating when it is your first time going on a diet. Ensure you take your HCG injections to reprogram your hypothalamus for the VLCD. Taking the HCG keeps your body safe and supplies fuel during the low-calorie intake. Any physical or psychological effects of eating low-calorie foods will lessen when the diet hormones spread in your system.

What to Expect when you Start the HCG Diet?

A rapid weight loss is typical in the first few days of the HCG diet. It is because the HCG is straightforward in dealing with your body fats. You can expect to lose up to 1 pound per day as the HCG staves off your water weights.

  • In starting the HCG diet, ensure that you are familiar with how the protocol works. Avoid anything that ruins the mechanism of the hormone in burning your fats. Things you expect to happen on the first few days of the HCG diet:
  • The HCG will take place and increases your metabolic rate. Stick to eating organic and low-calorie foods to continue weight loss.
  • Expect some occurrences of hunger as your body is adjusting to the new protocol. It will be gone as soon as the HCG spreads in your system. The HCG keeps your energy high on the VLCD. It reduces your appetite and, you will not feel hunger pangs.
  • You will also feel sudden occurrences of headache as your system in adjusting to the hormone. Drink lots of water to prevent headaches or dizziness.
  • Constipation may happen but, they do not come all at once. The cause of constipation during the VLCD is the fewer amount of food you eat. Your body does not have much to release. Ensure you stay hydrated for the whole day.
  • Changing your calorie intake causes signs of fatigue or tiredness as your body starts to cleanse from fat, sugar, and salt. You can take some aspirin if the headache or fatigue continues for the whole day.

How to Control Hunger on the First Few Days of the HCG Diet?

Get into the routine of drinking an adequate amount of water per day. Water helps in increasing the feeling of fullness without adding calories to your diet. It also flushes toxins and chemicals that trigger starvation. Another thing is to ensure you eat your VLCD meals to prevent the feeling of deprivation.

Can you Incorporate Exercise on the First Few Days of VLCD?

Avoid exercising when you start the VLCD as it transitions your body to ketosis. It will be hard for you to lose weight as physical activities consume your energy. You can incorporate light works during the second to the third week of your VLCD.

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