The HCG is a diet hormone that treats obesity and weight gain naturally. The HCG is taken every day along with a very low-calorie intake. It is responsible for the resetting of your metabolic rate. The hormone also suppresses your appetite and controls hunger and cravings. It works in various parts of your body including the hard-to-reach areas. The HCG is important to burn your body fats including the stubborn fats in your body.

What will you do if you miss your HCG injection?

  • Do not panic- Avoid thinking that you have messed up or you might not end up well. Panicking will lead to high stress levels. If you miss a dose of the HCG you can still continue your diet for the entire day. Remember that the HCG will stay in your system for 3 days. Do not worry about getting hungry or might end the HCG diet with a failure. There is still a sufficient amount of HCG circulating in your system. This is to help you continue to follow the diet properly.
  • Take the injection once you remember– Have your dose right away as soon as you notice that you have not yet taken the HCG injection yet. If it’s still early on in the day, feel free to take your injection. Avoid double dosing to avoid hormonal issues. However, you have to wait until the next day if you are not sure about the dosing. This will keep you from accidentally double-dosing. HCG injectable doses are specifically measured to render the exact amount.
  • Wait until tomorrow- wait until the next day comes if it is already mid-afternoon or night. Have it at a regular time in the morning. Do not take 2 doses at the same time. Have your injections right after your daily weigh-ins. Record your daily shot in your diet journal to keep it on track.
  • Take action– if missing a dose keeps on happening you have to take action about it. Keep a chart near you or set a reminder on your phone or computer. This will help you keep reminded every day. Take note that the right HCG dose will help you curb hunger and burn fats.

Does missing a dose cause weight gain?

Missing a dose once cannot cause weight gain. However, missing a dose very often can cause weight gain and hormonal issues. Weight gain happens when you lack HCG during the VLCD. It is because hunger and cravings have a higher risk to occur. It will make you consume more calories. Do not go on 24 hours without your HCG dose.

Important reminders in maintaining the HCG dose

  • Purchase the right HCG kits for weight loss. See to it the mixture is not discolored
  • The usual dose of HCG is from 125 to 150ius. This can also change from round to round depending on your weight loss
  • Inject the dose subcutaneously to avoid discomfort
  • You can stop having the HCG during menstruation but continue your diet
  • Stick to the approved foods so that the HCG can work properly
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