Phase 2 of the HCG diet starts on the third day of your HCG shot or right after the 2-day loading. Phase 2 is referred to as the VLCD. It is the time that you will cut down your intake of calories while you continue your HCG shot. This part of the HCG diet only requires you to have 500 calories per day and not going beyond. This phase usually lasts for 3 to 6 weeks depending on your weight loss goal.

You can begin your VLCD right away if you have accomplished the loading days. You can determine if your body is ready for P2 or not. The VLCD is also known as the core of the HCG diet. It is because the rapid fat burning happens during this phase. VLCD is easy to do when you comply with the protocol and only eat what is allowed. The purpose of VLCD is to let your body adjust and adapt to a new eating style and healthy habits.

The HCG can also be in the form of pellet and drop. But, the most effective and work fats in your body is the HCG injections. It is done by administering the diet hormone daily. The injection is usually injected in the part of your body that has more fats.

You also have to remember that you cannot do the VLCD without the HCG. It is because the HCG is responsible for resetting your metabolic rate and fat burning. The HCG is also responsible for converting the burned fats into a source of energy during the VLCD. This means that you do not need to eat too much to store energy in your body because the HCG will fuel your body during the fat burning.

The must-do during the second phase of the HCG diet

#1- Let go of unhealthy food choices– The common food indulgences that cause you to gain too much weight are not allowed during the P2. Sugar, fatty foods and carbs must be out of your meal. The unhealthy food choices do not just sabotage your weight loss but also causes health risk. You can replace your unhealthy food indulgences with the foods that are allowed during the HCG diet.

#2- Maintain your HCG shot– make sure to administer your HCG shot before you go anywhere or you get to buy for work. Rapid weight loss is impossible without the diet hormone. The HCG will curb hunger and maintains proper fat burning without touching a single muscle mass.

#3- Weigh your food before cooking– this is a good way to manage your food portion. The VLCD is sensitive to the number of foods you have every meal. That is why weighing your food choices before cooking is important. You also need to take off visible fats from the meat choices before cooking. See to it that you have the exact food portion for your VLCD. Refer to the diet food list for more food choices for the VLCD.

#4- Manage your HCG meal- To avoid getting hungry in between meals you can manage your food portion without adding more calories. You just have to spit your 500 calorie meal into 5 portions. You will come up with five meals with 200 calories each. This is a healthy technique that prevents you from getting hungry.

#5- Avoid heavy physical activities- Having extreme physical activities is a misconception on how weight loss works. The reality is that it does not help you lose weight. Heavy exercise will just cause stress, tiredness, and hunger and makes you eat too much. If you want to exercise during the VLCD it is better to do light activities.  Light exercises are allowed to help maintain muscle and bone health. However, it is not allowed when you are tired or hungry.

The allowed liquids during the second phase of the HCG diet

HCG diet is a low calorie and zero sugar diet. This is why soda, juices, alcohol, weight loss and energy drinks are not allowed. You are also not allowed to drink milk, flavored water and anything that has sugar. The drinks that are allowed during the VLCD is water. This is because water helps in flushing out the burned fats from your body. Toxins are deposited in your body as body fats and water can help you flush it out. You can also have coffee and tea as long as it does not have any sugar and other ingredients.

The category of foods you can have during the VLCD

  • Vegetables– you can have spinach, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, and celery. These vegetable choices are low in calories and rich in nutrients. These vegetables also have high levels of fiber that may help to burn your body fats.
  • Fruits– there are only selected fruits that are allowed during the HCG diet. You cannot eat everything because fruits have natural sugar that may affect the HCG diet. You can have a handful of strawberry, orange, apple, grapefruits, apricots, and lemon.
  • Protein portion– Proteins one of the most needed nutrients for weight loss. It does not just keep your muscle healthy but also keeps you full longer. It lowers the sensation of hunger, cravings, and even hunger pains. The common source of protein sources for the HCG diet is lean meat. You are allowed to have 100 grams of lean meat in each major meal.
  • Spices- you must be aware that not all spices are allowed during the HCG diet. There are just spices that are chosen to help in fat burning. You can have red chili, ginger, garlic, and pepper. Avoid the artificial food ingredient, food flavoring, and food preservatives. On the HCG diet, you have to eat whole and organic foods as much as possible.

Is weight-loss stall possible during the VLCD?

A stall is a sign that your metabolic rate is resetting again. This commonly happens usually in the last days of VLCD. However, there are also cases that your weight loss stalls during menstruation. It is just normal and will be gone as soon as your period stops. To deal with stalls you can do a steak day or apple day.

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