There are various reasons why other dieters want to try the HCG diet without doing the VLCD. One reason is the intimidation of the extreme calorie cut down. Some also believe that the diet hormone works even when you’re not following strict calorie intake. However, injecting the HCG makes the VLCD more tolerable and helps the body metabolize fat faster.

Will the HCG diet work without the VLCD?

The HCG only starts its work when your body is on a low-calorie diet. Taking the HCG shots should always be in conjunction with the “very low calorie” phase. Leaving the hormone out to your body can result in several problems. When you leave the hormone alone without the diet, you are more likely to gain more weight.

The HCG and the VLCD should work in tandem in burning your body fats. Fat burning only takes place when your body starts to receive fewer calories. The main effect of HCG is that it helps your body metabolize abnormal fat. When you avoid using the hormone, your body will burn fats slowly. Slow fat burning also leads to a longer duration of progress. You may also not reach your weight loss goal at all.

In vice versa, the HCG will help your body adjust to VLCD. When you do the VLCD alone, you will feel weak, irritable, constant hunger, and energy loss. With HCG’s help, the feeling of irritability, starvation, and energy loss will be gone. The HCG will start to work on metabolizing your abnormal fats and release them from the fat storage.

Why do you have to follow the VLCD while taking HCG injections?

The HCG can cause your hypothalamus to mobilize fat from your fat storage. While you consume 500 calories, your brain will send a signal to your fat storage to release fats. Through this process, your body will operate on thousands of calories a day and burn them. The result is your body using thousands of burned calories to supply energy to your body. It is the reason why you are losing a significant amount of weight every day.

The safety and side effects of the HCG diet and VLCD

The side effects of the HCG diet are rare and not severe. Using the HCG in your diet plan can cause;

  • Occasional irritability
  • Headache
  • Hunger
  • Energy loss

Side effects occur during the first few days of the VLCD, where your body is still in the adjustment period. When your body fully adjusts to the VLCD, these side effects will be gone.

Is the HCG diet and VLCD safe for men?

The HCG that you are using during the diet protocol is present in men. Although it is at a high level in women’s bodies during pregnancy, it is present in every human tissue. It only means that the HCG diet is safe for men. Men lose weight fast than women and do not need to hold on to fat reserves than women’s bodies.

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