Often when you go on a rapid fat loss the results are visible first in your face, breast, and waist. The fats that you want to lose in specific areas such as the buttocks, thigh, and belly are the most stubborn. The area of your body that holds the most fat is not often the first one to trim down. This means that the less “fatty” area of your body tends to show results first.

The HCG diet shows reverse effects in burning your body fats. It is different from the common result of other weight loss regimens. The HCG diet allows you to lose fats first from the “fatty” area such as the buttocks and thighs. Further, the diet hormone helps maintain your muscle mass while dieting and burning fats.

Will the HCG help you lose fat from a specific area?

Yes, the HCG can help you lose fat. It is the main function of the HCG to target the stubborn fats in your body. For example, is losing fats in your belly and thigh. The HCG will target that certain area of your body and burn the stubborn fats in it. The HCG also burns the fats in the hard-to-reach areas of your body. Thus, burns fats in your arms, legs, face, chin, and neck. It targets fat storage and in the process helps keep muscle even without exercising.

The specific areas that have stubborn fats are;

  • Belly
  • Stomach
  • Upper and lower thigh
  • Buttocks
  • Hips

Other areas of your body that has fats also include;

  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Face
  • Chin

How long does the weight loss result of the HCG diet start to show?

There is no exact record of when is the result of weight loss starts to show. As soon as the HCG spreads in your system it will begin its work in burning your body fats. The HCG will start to reset your metabolism to push faster weight loss. When your metabolic rate increases your body also starts to burn fats. To track your weight loss progress you can use a weighing scale. It shows your weight loss result every day.

Why does HCG does not burn your muscle mass?

The HCG skips your muscle because it is vital in high and healthy metabolic functions. The HCG keeps your muscle mass through the help of a protein-rich diet. The HCG is designed to burn your body fats alone. Unlike other weight loss regimen that burns both muscle and fats. It also supports the structure of your body to improve your shape at the end of the fat-burning period.

How to start burning fats during the HCG diet?

To start burning your body fats you have to cut down your intake of calories. Start to have 500 calories per day from healthy food choices in your diet food list. Avoid sugar, carbs, oils, and foods that contain fats. Focus on natural and organic food products to control your intake of calories. The most important factor in maintaining your HCG shots every day.

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